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Squiggus, Karnold Province

  1. Voltok, sells crystals, including Curing Mind Crystal
  2. Shirley, sells Savory Herbs and buys Fine Clothes
  3. Common Provisioner
  4. Secret Passage
  5. Looking in the chest the first time summons some Gremlins and Spawned Fungus, looking a second time teaches Divine Fire Lv.3

There are a few things in Squiggus.  Upon first entering from the west the shop directly to the north is Voltok's Crystal shop.  He sells magical crystals, and the Curing Mind Crystal.
North of Voltok is Shirley's office.  Shirley is the Squiggus end of the Libras/Squiggus trade route.  She takes your Fine Clothes and pays you 100 coins per bundle, and she'll sell you bundles of Savory Herbs to take back to Libras.
Just east of Shirley is a barracks, and slightly to the southeast, in the same building is a Common Provisioner.
There are four apartments in the building along the eastern edge of town, one of which contains a guard dog.
The last room in the middle building, which doesn't seem to have doors is where you can learn the spell Divine Fire Lv.3.  There's a secret passage one step east of the sign on the north side of the building.  The first time you look in the chest you'll be attacked by some Gremlins and some Spawned Fungus, and the second time you look you'll learn the spell.