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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Upper Avernum


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Upper Avernum Map

  1. Fort Emergence
  2. Soldiers will give you reputation point if you tell them about the surface
  3. Battle with Goblins
  4. Entrance to Goblin Lair
  5. Entrance to Bandit Cave
  6. Pool will give 100 Experience
  7. Entrance to Secret Passage
  8. Body with Lost Papers for Thereza's quest
  9. Entrance to Secret Passage
  10. Body with Iron Short Sword
  11. Chitrach Larvae
  12. Ghikra
  13. Battle with Poison Fungus, recieve Wand of Ice after battle is ended
  14. Three battles in this section with Ogres, Wolves and Sliths
  15. Serendipity Knife in hut, recieve 100 Experience and have to battle Undead
  16. Patch of Spiritual Herbs
  17. Help out Vahnatai, no reward
  18. Cache of supplies, need Nature Lore, battle with Brigands afterwards
  19. Battle with Giant Lizards, variety of missile weapons after battle is ended
  20. Secret Passage to Ancient Ruins, no items, no experience
  21. New Cotra
  22. Encounter with Spirit, will get Ring of Grief after battle is ended
  23. Patch of Healing Herbs
  24. Ice Pudding, must be slain to complete quest for Mayor of New Cotra
  25. Hmurr's Cows
  26. Blessed Buckler, need boat from New Cotra to reach it
  27. Radiant Slith Spear, battle with Shambler after, need boat from New Cotra to reach it
  28. Secret Passage
  29. Hostile Nephil Village, check Village after battle for Strength Bracelet
  30. Secret Entrance to passage with healing pool
  31. New Formello
  32. Battle with Chitrach Larvae, needed to complete Ahsoth's quest, check lair after battle for Amber Shield
  33. Secret Passage
  34. Two battles with rats
  35. Portal Fortress
  36. Erika's Tower
  37. Entrance to Cave for New Formello Murder Investigation, not available until after Slime Quest
  38. Silverlocke's Shop, sells a variety of useful brews, potions and elixirs, need at least 48 reputation
  39. Entrance to Vahnatai Tunnels, doesn't become available until later in game