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Wainscotting, Northwest Valorim

  1. Apple Bearing Tree
  2. Yar the Librarian, gives you permission to look at his books
  3. Abruzzo the innkeeper, will let you stay for free if you've cleared out the Bandit Camp to the north and tell him about it

This town is pretty simple.  On the far northwest corner of the town map is a tree that lets you pick some apples if you want them.  In the town itself is Yar's Library, on the western side of the street, and Abruzzo's Inn, which is on the eastern side of the street.  Abruzzo will let you stay in the inn for free if you've killed the bandits to the north, and Yar will let you look at his books.  Remember to return and speak to Abruzzo once you learn his name from Vagro in Bremerton. Once you've done this Abruzzo will tell you about some loot they hid in Greendale.