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Draigoth Ruins


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Draigoth Ruins, Midori Province

  1. Use Move Mountains on this section of wall to get into the next section
  2. Alien Beasts guarding a chest containing a pair of Augmented Gloves
  3. Elder Aranea guarding a Repel Spirit Spellshard
  4. Alien Beasts guarding a dresser containg a Dexterity Bracelet

Draigoth has been completely destroyed by the monster plagues, but there's still a few things worth picking up in the town.
When you first enter the town from the south enter the building to the west with the orange floor.  Go to the eastern wall and use Move Mountains against it to open up the wall, exposing a section of the town containing several Alien Beasts.  Once you've killed the Alien Beasts look in the chest near the southeast corner to find a pair of Augmented Gloves along with a few other items.  The gloves are augmented to give you +5% Missile Chance to Hit.
Now head up to the destroyed inn in the northeast corner of town.  There's only one door off the hallway of the inn, and behind it you'll find several Elder Aranea and a lot of webs.  Kill the Aranea and go around the corner of the destroyed wall.  There's a Repel Spirit Spellshard in the northeast corner of the room.
Head over to the northwest corner of town next.  This house is still standing and complete, so go through the locked door.  There's several Alien Beasts in the first room, and, once you've killed them, several more Alien Beasts in the bedroom.  There's also a Dexterity Bracelet in the dresser.
Other than that there isn't anything in Draigoth, since the monsters seem to have destroyed absolutely everything.