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Moon, Midori Province

  1. Lumok the innkeeper, tells you that Zang is in the town, and if you buy Bourbon she'll give you a little bit of information about Blackcrag Fortress
  2. Common Provisioner
  3. Zang, sells experience for 5000 coins;  the higher your level the less experience gained;  Also the object of the quest from Starcap of Shamirik
  4. Cerulian the librarian, identifies items and sells access to the Moon Library for 4000 coins;  Also gives quest to find a book called the Grimoire of Then, believed to be in Blackcrag Fortress
  5. Check these bookshelves to learn a lot of level 2 spells and the Protection Brew recipe
  6. Read tome to learn Divine Host Lv.3 after completing Grimoire of Then quest

Upon first entering Moon from the south the first building to the west is the inn, which is run by Lumok.  If you buy some bourbon she'll talk a little bit about Blackcrag Fortress.  If you ask about the town she'll tell you that there's someone named Zang in the town somewhere.
Zang can be found in an apartment in the southeast corner of town, and is the object of the quest from Starcap of Shamirik, and he'll also sell you some experience for 5000 coins, but the higher your level the lower the amount of experience gained.  At higher levels it's not really worth the coins, but at lower levels it's usually worth the cost.  Kill Zang once you've boughten what you want off him, and don't forget to return to Shamirik to get your reward.
North of the inn is a Common Provisioner, and northeast of that is a house.
East of the Provisioner is the Moon Library, which is run by Cerulian.  Cerulian does some item identification, and also sells access to the library for 4000 coins.  Cerulian will give you a quest to find the Grimoire of Then, which she believes is in Blackcrag Fortress.
Pay for admission to the library and go check out the bookshelves at the north end of the room.  They teach the Protection Brew recipe and quite a few level 2 Mage spells, as well as a couple level 2 Priest spells.
The tome on a stand near the northeast corner teaches Divine Host Lv.3, but only after you've completed the Grimoire of Then quest for Cerulian.