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Bremerton, Midori Province

  1. Common Provisioner
  2. Vagro, sells crystals
  3. Craswell, sells horses
  4. Horses you can buy from Craswell
  5. Common Innkeeper
  6. Merry

Upon first entering Bremerton from the west the building immediately to your south is a Common Provisioner.
North of the Provisioner is Vagro, who sells magic crystals.  He'll also tell you to mention his name to Abruzzo if you ever see him.  Abruzzo can be found running the inn in Wainscotting, in Northwest Valorim.
The shop to the east of the Provisioner is Craswell's Stable, where she sells horses.  The horses can be found in a pen attached to the south side of Craswell's shop.
To the east of Craswell is the inn, which is run by a Common Innkeeper.
North of the inn is Merry's shop, who might as well be called a common item salesman.