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Remote Aerie


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Remote Aerie, Monoroe Province

  1. Potion-making Herbs
  2. Rough Diamond in a pile of rocks
  3. Just opening the dressers in this room will give you Dread Curse
  4. Zalifar, gives quest to convince Drake southwest of Greendale to stop attacking him;  Gives lots of information about the Golems, Golem Factory and Golem Spires as reward
  5. Research Tomes on bookshelves

This place is pretty straightforward.  Upon first entering check the ground for a variety of potion-making herbs, and check the passage behind the hut for a rough diamond mixed in with a pile of rocks.
Once you enter the hut itself I recommend just ignoring the western side of the house, as there isn't anything in the kitchen and just opening the dressers in the bedroom will give you Dread Curse.
To the east of the doorway is Zalifar in his study.  He'll give you a quest to stop a Drake, who lives southwest of Greendale, from attacking him.  After you complete his quest he'll give you a fair amount of information, which you want to take careful note of.  What he has to say is very important, and without it you won't even be able to find the Golem Factory.