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Drake Aerie


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Drake Aerie, Monoroe Province

  1. Dalkros the Drake, gives quest to destroy Golems

This is extremely easy.  Approach the bridge and cross over it.  As you near the western end of the bridge Dalakros will speak to you demanding food.  You could just kill him, but then you miss out on completing a quest, so it's best to just give him your food.  You need at least 10 food total to satisfy him.  If you don't have enough he'll just tell you to bring more.
Once you've fed him approach and talk to him.  Be respectful...he's more than three times your size.  He'll give you a quest to destroy the Golems who are making food so scarce for him, and in return for your agreement to destroy the Golems he'll agree not to hunt humans anymore.
Once you have Dalakros' agreement return and talk to Zalifar in the Remote Aerie to get the information needed to complete the quest.