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Golem Spires


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NOTE:  There are four of these spires, but they're all exactly the same except that each of them contains a different kind of Golem guarding the Power Crystal in the center.  The only Golems not guarding a Spire are Demon Golems.

Golem Spires, Monoroe Province

  1. Combination of Fire and Force Barriers
  2. Golems and Power Crystal

Each of the Golem Spires looks exactly like this one, and each is surrounded by Barriers in exactly the same way.
At the center of each Spire is a Power Crystal, and standing around inside the Barriers are usually 6-12 Golems of whatever type is guarding that Spire.
The Power Crystal is very hard to kill, since it is impervious to all forms of magic except for Cloud of Blades.  Try to get at least one of your fighters right next to it as soon as possible to make it use a physical attack rather than it's magical attack, which is very strong.