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Golem Control Spire


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Golem Control Spire, Monoroe Province

  1. Stairs to/from Upper Golem Factory
  2. Pants of Power;  Need Dispel Barrier to reach them
  3. Stepping on any of these runes causes Golems to be spawned on all Spawning Platforms
  4. Crystal Soul, drops Gymnastics and Pathfinder Mind Crystals when slain
  5. Golems
  6. Pyrrhic Gauntlets and Boots of Speed
  7. Curing Spellshard

This level is pretty straightforward.  When you first come up the stiars head towards the west and follow the passage around.  There's a Pants of Power in a chest shown on the map.
There's a laboratory on either side.  The western one is empty, but the eastern one contains some prototype Golems.
When you get to the laboratories there's two runes blocking the passages leading north on both sides.  Stepping on these runes causes Golems to be spawned throughout the level on each of the Spawning Platforms.  I usually make a loop through the outer section to kill them all before making my way towards the center.
Once you're ready go through the passage leading north midway along the southern section.  The first room contains a few shifting beams, but this is a good place to prepare for the fight ahead.
Once you enter the center room you'll see a Crystal Soul on a platform in the middle of the room, which will then summon a few Demon and Jeweled Golems.  Use your fighters and Priest to fight the Golems, because the only thing that's going to do any amount of damage to the Crystal Soul is Lightning Spray.  My best fighter, who's maxed out his damage cap usually does about 18 points of damage per hit to the Crystal Soul, and that's only if he's taken a Strength Potion, used his Battle Frenzy and Divine Aid abilities and had War Blessing cast on him, so I'd recommend using your mage to cast Lightning Spray.  You might want to position one of your fighters beside the Crystal Soul however, so that it will use it's physical attack against him rather than magic attacks.
Once you've killed the Crystal Soul it will drop a Gymanstics Mind Crystal and a Pathfinder Mind Crystal.  There's also a Curing Spellshard, a pair of Pyrrhic Gauntlets and a pair of Boots of Speed where the Golems were.
Once you have all your items, including the evidence for Berra you can finish up anything you haven't done in the factory and then get your rewards from the various places.