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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Monoroe Province


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Monore Province Map

  1. Secret Passage
  2. Skribbane Processing Center
  3. Dark Wyrms, Wyrms and Serpents
  4. Cache with Spirtual Herbs and coins
  5. Secret Passages
  6. Spineridge
  7. Mines; Some have Golem ambushes
  8. Secret Passage
  9. Stone Circle teaches Divine Host Lv.3
  10. Mernia
  11. Gale
  12. Execa Ruins
  13. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  14. Patch of Mandrake; Doesn't grow back
  15. Vila Ruins
  16. Ruby Skeletons worshipping at Stone Pillar
  17. Cache with Wyrmskin Helmet and coins
  18. Graveyard with Undead; Receive Fireblast scroll after battle; Grave in the far southwest corner teaches Divine Retribution Lv.2
  19. Torria Ruins
  20. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  21. Two battles with Nagas and Wyrms; Nagas drop various Charms; Receive Wyrmskin Boots after battle
  22. Tower of Zkal; Need to have learned location from Wizard in Krizsan Province first
  23. Cache with Graymold and coins
  24. Ambush by Golems
  25. Golems watching bridge; Must be killed to complete Baziron of Tevrono's quest
  26. Remote Aerie; Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  27. Drake Aerie; Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  28. Golems
  29. Tevrono
  30. Gremlin; Sells Gymnastics skill for 5000 coins per level for entire party after completion of Golem Quest
  31. Patch of Toadstools
  32. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  33. Golem Spires
  34. Exit to/from Under Golem Factory
  35. Golems
  36. Golem Factory
  37. Cache with Arrows of Light and coins
  38. Lorelei Refugees; Tell them when you've completed the Troglodyte/Giant Quest for Reputation
  39. Fetid Zombies
  40. Empire Deserters; Receive Blessed Halberd after battle
  41. Empire Troops; Give quest to take message to General Baziron in Tevrono
  42. Greendale
  43. Cache with Spiritual Herbs and coins
  44. Gazers and Eyebeasts
  45. Pit of the Wyrm