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Vila Ruins


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Vila Ruins, Isle of Maddok, Monoroe Province

  1. Shamblers
  2. Spectres
  3. Body with Unshackle Mind Spellshard
  4. Shades
  5. Basilisks
  6. Elder Aranea
  7. Ruby Helmet;  Need to have learned location from Empire Deserter in Northwest Valorim first

The Vila Ruins are another fairly easy place.  When you first enter from the west make your way to the middle of town where you'll find a large herd of Shamblers.  You'll probably also draw a couple spectres from slightly to the south.
Just slightly to the north of the middle of town is a body with an Unshackle Mind Spellshard.
Near the east side of town in one of the ruined buildings are a few Shades.  To the north, near the middle one of the buildings contains some Basilisks.  Finally, to the south is the old inn, which contains some Elder Araneas.
If you've spoken to the deserter north of Wainscotting in Northwest Valorim you'll be able to find the Ruby Helmet in the back room of what used to be the inn.  As always, don't forget to check around town for other items.