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Torria Ruins


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Torria Ruins, Isle of Maddok, Monoroe Province

  1. Undead
  2. Smite Lv.3;  Need Dispel Barrier Lv.2 or Piercing Crystal
  3. Secret Passages
  4. Vampires and Stone Golems guarding a variety of items including a Wyrmskin Helmet and a Priest's Bracelet

This is probably the most difficult of the three ruined towns found on the Isle of Maddok.  There are a lot of Undead in this town, including Skeletal Warriors, Quickghasts and Fetid Zombies.  There are also some nice items lying around, or found in crates, so don't forget to check the town for anything that might be of use. Pay special attention to the buildings in the two northern corners. The western one contains something nice in the crates, and the eastern one contains a bookshelf which teaches Smite Lv.3 as long as you have either Dispel Barrier Lv.2 or a Piercing Crystal to get through the barrier.
The primary thing of note is the large central area.  It appears to be blocked off completely, but there's actually a sescret passage in the southeast corner of the wall.
Once you get through the outer wall you'll find yourself facing an inner wall.  The secret passage for this wall is located in the northwest section.
When you finally reach the central area it's best to go around the building first clearing out any Undead.  More will appear once you enter the building, but if you haven't killed the ones that were already there you might find yourself overwhelmed due to sheer numbers.
Inside the temple you'll find several Vampires and a couple Stone Golems.  Once you've killed these creatures, and the Undead that appeared outside, check near the altra for a lot of pretty nice goodies, including a Wyrmskin Helmet and a Priest's Bracelet.
As you exit the town you'll find that more Undead have appeared in the outer ring between the two walls, usually Fetid Zombies.