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Greendale, Monoroe Province

  1. Jewelled Golem;  Sometimes drops Research Tomes
  2. Quicksilver Ring in statue;  Need to have learned about it from Abruzzo in Wainscotting, Northwest Valorim first
  3. Maertok;  Tells you about General Baziron
  4. McElton;  Sells items, mainly wands;  Unlimited Item Reseller

Greendale is pretty much destroyed by the Golems no matter what day you arrive on, though if you arrive too late it will be completely destroyed and empty.
When you first enter head directly to the southwest corner of town where you'll find a Jewelled Golem.  This Golem sometimes drops Research Tomes when killed.
Just east of the Golem is a destroyed building with a statue in the middle.  If you've spoken to Abruzzo in Wainscotting, Northwest Valorim about his old friend Vagro you'll find a Quicksilver Ring when you approach the statue.
East of the statue, in the southeast corner of town is a shop.  It's run by McElton who sells magical items, mainly wands, though he has a few crystals in stock as well.  McElton is another Unlimited Item Reseller.
Standing near the pond in the middle of the town is Maertok, who's a wizard as well as the commander of the town.  He'll talk to you about General Baziron in Tevrono, and, if you've ended the Golem plague, he won't believe you when you tell him you had something to do with it.