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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Northern Valorim


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Northern Valorim Map

  1. Body with Wand of Forcecage;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  2. Cache with Mandrake and coins
  3. Cache with Healing Herbs and coins
  4. Spirit with message
  5. Draigoth Ruins
  6. Patch of Healing Herbs
  7. Blackcrag Fortress;  Only entrance is through tunnel at 9
  8. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  9. Guarded Tunnel to Blackcrag Fortress;  If you haven't gotten permission from Gregory in Lorelei to use the tunnel you'll have to fight your way through
  10. Empire Third Army guardposts;  There's no way past these guardposts and fighting the soldiers will reduce your Reputation
  11. Cache with Graymold and coins
  12. Patch of Energetic Herbs
  13. Eagle Rock
  14. Ambush by Alien Beasts
  15. Cache with Sticky Charm and coins
  16. Special Metal;  Need to have found map in the wall of Aminro first
  17. Secret Passage
  18. Spirit with message
  19. Church of the Divine Lucre;  Joining reduces Reputation but allows you to learn several Lv.2 spells and improves Magery by 1;  Fighting them gets you some potions and scrolls, as well as a suit of Polished Plate Mail but gives you Dread Curse
  20. Ambush by Rogues, including two Wizards
  21. Patch of Mandrake
  22. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  23. Mithril Woven Robe;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  24. Patch of Spiritual Herbs
  25. Man selling Xian Vest
  26. Ford to Island
  27. Learn Divine Restoration Lv.3 after two large battles;  Need horn
  28. Cache with Mandrake and coins