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Dellskeep Ruins


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Dellskeep Ruins, Footracer Province

  1. Alien Beasts
  2. Intelligence Charm
  3. Stepping in front of the dresser here springs a Quickfire Trap that floods the entire town with Quickfire starting at the edges and working towards the middle
  4. Variety of items, including Blessed Small Shield

When you first enter the town from the east you should immediately make a lap around the outside of the town, since this is where you'll find most of the Alien Beasts in this town.  When you reach the southeast corner check around for a couple items including an Intelligence Charm.
The two rooms in the northwest corner of town both contain Alien Beasts, but  other than that the rooms are pretty empty.
Near the center of the eastern edge of town is the inn.  There's a dresser in here, but when you get near it you'll trigger a Quickfire trap.  The quickfire starts at the edges of the town and then spreads in towards the middle so be quick about getting out of town.  Remember, if you leave town and then come back the quickfire will be gone, and you can't trigger the same trap twice.  The dresser contains a few items, including a Blessed Small Shield.