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Valorim Towns


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This map shows the friendly towns of Valorim.  Hostile towns and dungeons will be shown on a different map, so please, don't send me e-mails telling me that I missed Appleton or Erox or whatever.  These are only the friendly towns.

Friendly Towns of Valorim

  1. Delis, Krizsan Province
  2. Pergies, Krizsan Province
  3. Delan, Krizsan Province
  4. Fort Emergence
  5. Inn of Blades, Krizsan Province
  6. Krizsan, Krizsan Province
  7. Silvar, Krizsan Province
  8. Bolton, Karnold Province
  9. Libras, Karnold Province
  10. Lost Isle, Karnold Province
  11. Storm Port, Karnold Province
  12. Gebra, Karnold Province
  13. Golddale, Karnold Province
  14. Porter's Retreat, Karnold Province
  15. Farport, Krizsan Province
  16. Ernest's Hut, Krizsan Province
  17. Southpoint Lighthouse, Isle of Bigail
  18. Shayder, Isle of Bigail
  19. Port Townsend, Isle of Bigail
  20. GIFTS Home, Isle of Bigail
  21. Bavner, Isle of Bigail
  22. Kuper, Isle of Bigail
  23. Gidrik, Karnold Province
  24. Shamirik, Karnold Province
  25. Aminro, Karnold Province
  26. Angel's Rest, Karnold Province
  27. Squiggus, Karnold Province
  28. Lennus, Karnold Province
  29. Poubslo, Midori Province
  30. Dellston, Midori Province
  31. Bengaro, Midori Province
  32. Malloc, Midori Province
  33. Lorelei, Midori Province
  34. Softport, Midori Province
  35. Fenris Port, Isle of Bigail
  36. Northpoint Lighthouse, Isle of Bigail
  37. Home of the Friendly Roaches, Isle of Bigail
  38. Hectar, Isle of Bigail
  39. Marish, Isle of Bigail
  40. Calloc, Midori Province
  41. Wainscotting, Northwest Valorim
  42. Lair of Athron, Midori Province
  43. Lair of Khoth, Midori Province
  44. Dorngas, Midori Province
  45. Moon, Midori Province
  46. Guarded Tunnel, Northern Valorim
  47. Blackcrag Fortress, Northern Valorim
  48. Bremerton, Midori Province
  49. Spineridge, Monoroe Province
  50. Mernia, Monoroe Province
  51. Gale, Monoroe Province
  52. Remote Aerie, Monoroe Province
  53. Tevrono, Monoroe Province
  54. Greendale, Monoroe Province