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Hostile Towns and Dungeons of Valorim


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These are the hostile towns and dungeons of Valorim.  A couple of them aren't hostile when you enter, but unless you use the trigger to make them hostile you don't get anything from the town.  The two I can remember right now are Erox, where you have to eat or drink in the inn, and the Isolated Inn, where you have to rest.

Hostile Towns of Valorim

  1. Unicorn Grotto, Krizsan Province
  2. Guhkbar's Pit, Krizsan Province
  3. Agate Tower, Krizsan Province
  4. Colchis Ruins, Krizsan Province
  5. Slime Pit, Krizsan Province
  6. Wolfrider's Warren, Krizsan Province
  7. Dryad's Grove, Karnold Province
  8. Gorst, Karnold Province
  9. Monastery of Madness, Karnold Province
  10. Tomb of Vahkos, Karnold Province
  11. Lair of the Ursagi, Karnold Province
  12. Golddale Mines, Karnold Province
  13. Point Contemplation, Isle of Bigail
  14. Kneece, Isle of Bigail
  15. Lair of Drakos, Isle of Bigail
  16. Filth Factory, Isle of Bigail
  17. Troglodyte Castle, Karnold Province
  18. Troglodyte Altar, Karnold Province
  19. Concealed Tunnel, Karnold Province
  20. Fading Tower, Midori Province
  21. Giant's Caverns, Midori Province
  22. Giant's Forge, Midori Province
  23. Chasm of Screams, Midori Province
  24. Appleton, Midori Province
  25. Isolated Inn, Midori Province
  26. Execa Ruins, Monoroe Province
  27. Vila Ruins, Monoroe Province
  28. Torria Ruins, Monoroe Province
  29. Tower of Zkal, Monoroe Province
  30. Golem Spires, Monoroe Province
  31. Golem Factory, Monoroe Province
  32. Under Golem Factory, Monoroe Province
  33. Pit of the Wyrm, Monoroe Province
  34. Draigoth Ruins, Northern Valorim
  35. Defiled Crypt, Northwest Valorim
  36. Remote Cavern, Northwest Valorim
  37. Erox, Northwest Valorim
  38. Manara Ruins, Footracer Province
  39. Ovidpur Ruins, Footracer Province
  40. Dellskeep Ruins, Footracer Province
  41. Wyvern Pass Ruins, Footracer Province
  42. Keep of Tinraya, Footracer Province
  43. Under Keep of Tinraya, Footracer Province
  44. Great Circle, Footracer Province
  45. Crumbling Factory, Footracer Province
  46. Great Walls, Footracer Province
  47. Spiral Crypt, Isle of Bigail