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Two notes here.  First, this section is for frequently asked questions, if you don't see the answer you're looking for here go to the Spiderweb Forum Boards, which you can reach through the links sections.  If a question appears there often enough it will be added.  That doesn't mean one person asking the question a million times, it means a lot of people asking the question.  I can't answer every single question that every single person has about the game.
The second note is this:  Questions bracketed by * are courtesy of Drakefyre of the Spiderweb Boards.  Thank you, Drakey, for letting me use them.

*How do I get into the building in New Cotra without doors?*
First, register. Then go to either Sharamik or Lorelei and speak with the  female agent of Avernum (Sandra) who wanders the streets. Talk with her, and she'll tell you to speak with Commander Johnson. Do so, and he'll tell you what you need to do to enter the building.

*How do I get into the rooms behind Erika or Sulfras?*
You can't.

*How do I get into Blackcrag Fortress?*
Join the thieves guild. Buy passage from Geoffrey for 3000 gold and set out to Blackcrag. Go to east of Blackcrag and go down the path. Talk to the innkeeper and press the button. If you don't mind angering the town, there are good items to the east. Cross the bridge and make your way to the portcullis. Kill one doomguard and go through the passage. Voila!

*How do I join the Thieves Guild?*
You dont, but to deal with them go to Shayder, and buy some drinks in the inn. You'll get advice on a job. Talk with the man in the inn, and offer to take the job. Carefully deliver the package to Kendra in Lorelei, and you'll be allowed in.

*What does the Dryad in Krizsan want?*
A perfect flower. There are two- one can be found near the ursagi on a long path loaded with gremlins, the other can be found in the Tower of Zkal. It's your choice which one you want to get first.

*How do you kill Rentar-Ihrno?*
You don't. You have to find the found ladders down to the lower level and direct all 10 beams into the center of the level by pushing buttons.

*How do I get into Linda's Chamber?*
Wait until shortly after day 160.  You'll receive a message about a mental jolt.  At that point return to the Portal Fortress and then through to the Tower of Magi.  Note that this doesn't happen if you're actually in the Tower of Magi.

*Where is Zik?*

*Where is Zang?*

*Is there a hidden or easter egg dungeon?*
Yes. Bring pants to the final dungeon. In the SW corner are two runes. Put pants on one and walk on the other. Enjoy!

What is Dread Curse and how do I get rid of it?
Dread Curse affects one random statistic by lowering it by one point.  To get rid of it go to Shayder and speak to Ahonar in the Anama Temple.

What's up with the Hermit's Hut on the western coast of Krizsan Province?
He just wants to be left alone.  If you approach him he'll either give you Disease and/or Dread Curse.

Does anyone give a quest to kill the Alien Beasts?
How do I deal with Dark Wyrms?
The best way to deal with Dark Wyrms is in the preperation. Haste your party, cast Arcane Shield if you have it, try to have Heroic Brews in your inventory, or, even better, Invulnerability Elixirs. Once you see the Dark Wyrms try to get right next to them. This essentially makes it so that they can't cast Darkness Breath on you, and their physical attacks, while painful, aren't nearly as bad as their breath attacks. Then it's just a matter of hammering away at them until they've died.