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Vahnatai Crypt


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Vahnatai Crypt, Vahnatai Lands

  1. Vahnatai Undead
  2. Couple of items, including a Fine Waveblade +;  Need Move Mountains Lv.3 to reach it
  3. Stepping through this entryway triggers a quickfire trap at the corresponding location
  4. Variety of nice potions and brews

This level is a pain.  You can't use light sources in here, so you're constantly wandering around in the dark.  There's a few nice items though, and at least the room where you have to fight the Vahnatai Undead is lighted.
The Undead will come out of the niches in the wall, which have a few nice items themselves, including a Mage's Bracelet in one.  Unfortunately the niches aren't lighted, so you can't just stand in the middle of the room and attack the Vahnatai in the niches, particularly the magic users.
In the northwest corner of the room is a passage which will let you go either west or north.  Both ways are blocked by stalactites, and the western one also has a mossy boulder in it.  Both passages lead to some nice items, but the northern one takes you over a rune that will trigger a quickfire trap at the entrance.