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Delan, Krizsan Province

  1. Ambush by slimes, pick up Steel Chain Mail and Ruby afterwards
  2. Mage selling location of Ring of Endless Magery travels between here and his apartment in Krizsan
  3. Feral will sell you horses for 500 coins
  4. Churdan the Innkeeper will give you some advice if you buy a round of drinks
  5. Common Tailor
  6. Common Fletcher
  7. Common Provisioner
  8. The horses you can buy off of Feral

Upon first entering the city walk around the walls to south of the West Gate.  You'll be ambushed by several slimes here, and they'll drop a suit of Steel Chain Mail and a Ruby when you kill them.
Each of the gates has a guardhouse next to it.
The long building to the south of the West Gatehouse is the Delan Inn.  In the common room you'll find Feral sitting at a table by himself in the northwestern corner.  He'll sell you some horses for 500 coins.  The Innkeeper's name is Churdan, and if you buy a round of drinks off of him he'll tell you that even if the people in a town won't talk to you, you can usually get information from the Innkeeper.
The building against the southeastern wall are two locked apartments.  You'll get a message about it might not be a good idea to break into people's houses in other towns, which I totally disregard, since you'll only get yelled at or attacked a few times, and killing people who attack you first doesn't turn towns hostile anyway.
In the northeastern corner of the town are two shops.  The first is a common tailor, where you can pick up clothes and such.  The second is a common fletcher, where you can buy javelines and ammunition for bows and crossbows.
The last building in town is a common provisioner, where you can buy food if you're so inclined.
Behind the provisioners shop are the horses that Feral will sell you.  If you've paid for them you can mount them by walking into them.  To dismount use the wait button.