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Pergies, Krizsan Province

  1. Merry's Shop
  2. Items in dresser, need to disable two fairly easy traps
  3. Items in dresser, need to disable two fairly easy traps
  4. Common Provisioner
  5. Ilas the Innkeeper, will tell you about her daughter Susie
  6. Paulo, will give you a quest to recover a package of stolen herbs from Delis, the ones in the back room, gives a Mage's Bracelet as a reward

Upon first entering Pergies, you'll get a message about how happy you'll be to leave.  That's because there isn't much here.
The three buildings against the southern wall are a smelter and two storage rooms.  Don't get too excited about those crates and barrels though, they contain rocks...lots and lots of rocks.
The building just to the northeast is a barracks, with nothing in it.  The building just to the northwest is another Merry's Shop.  He sells the same things as all the other ones. 
In the northeastern corner of town are two houses.  They'll both have a trap right after you step through the door, but these are easy traps to disarm.  It might be wise to save before trying though, just in case.  Each of the rooms has a dresser in the back bedchamber, and both dressers are armed with simple traps.  It's useful to check these out, as a couple of the itmes are somewhat useful.
Right across from the houses is a common provisioner, and across from that is the Inn.  The innkeeper's name is Ilsa, and she'll talk to you about her daughter Susie.
Head down the hall now.  The room closest to the common room has Paulo in it.  He'll teach you a few Priest spells, which you probably already have from the Tower of Magi.  He'll also give you a quest to recover a package of herbs that was stolen from him.  He'll tell you he believes it's in the back room of the Inn in Delis.  Once you have the herbs and have given them to Paulo he'll give you a Mage's Bracelet as your reward.
And that's it for Pergies, the mining capital of Krizsan.