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Farport, Krizsan Province

  1. Roach
  2. Roach in Storage Room
  3. Orseena, runs a small bed and breakfast
  4. Nell, gives quest to clear her home in Shayder of roaches, gives you a slight boost in Arcane Lore as a reward, Sells scrolls and identifies items.
  5. Common Provisioner
  6. Mrrhrr, weaponsmith
  7. Vok, sells tickets for the boats
  8. Boat to Port Townsend, Isle of Bigail
  9. Boat to Sharimik, Karnold Province

Upon first entering Farport I usually walk along the southern edge of town.  There's a roach wandering here.  The two buildings on the southern edge of town are Storage Rooms, and the one on the eastern side has a roach in it.
The room just to the north of the storeroom is Nell's home.  She'll tell you she's from the Isle of Bigail, and was driven out of her home by some roaches.  Then she gives you a quest to get rid of the roaches in her room.  She'll also identify your items, and sell you some scrolls.
The next building consists of two apartments.  The one on the western side is empty, but the one on the east is actually Orseena's Bed and Breakfast.  You can rest here for 5 gold.
There's a house on the western edge of town, right near the water, but there isn't really anything worthwhile in it.
The two building along the eastern side of town are shops.  The southern one is a Common Provisioner, and the northern one is Mrrhrr's Shop.  Mrrhrr is a weaponsmith, but due to shortages he doesn't have very much in stock. 
Standing near the docks is Vok.  He's the ticket seller.  The boat on the left goes to Port Townsend, on the Isle of Bigail, and the one on the right goes to Sharimik, in Karnold Province.
This concludes the walktrhough for Krizsan Province.  Next I'll be covering the Isle of Bigail.