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Kuper, Isle of Bigail

  1. Mother Melamed, gives quest to find Mundt, gives Xian coins as reward
  2. Olga, sells tickets to Kneece
  3. Boat to Kneece
  4. Bagzath, antagonize and kill him, he'll drop some decent items
  5. Zog, antagonize and kill, he'll drop some okay items
  6. Barrels containing apples
  7. Room you can rest in

Upon first entering Kuper go to the Anama temple in the central north of town.  Mother Melamed runs this temple.  She'll warn you that some of the towns soldiers really don't like Avernites, and she'll also give you a quest to find Mundt, who used to be her assistant.  You can find Mundt in Lorelei.  Ask Mother Melamed about her beliefs and agree with her.
The building on the other side of the courtyard is the town's common area, and standing just west of it is Olga, who operates the ferry to Kneece.  You'll need to get to Kneece to complete the Roach Quest.
Now head past the trees into the field and start looking for Zog and Bagzath.  You can antagonize them until they attack you and then kill them without fear of reprisals.  You might want to save your game before doing this, since quite a few people seem to have had a problem with one or the other of them killing Olga.  Bagzath will drop a steel longsword, as well as some poor chain mail and an iron large shield.  Zog will drop an iron longsword and the same armor and shield as Bagzath.  You have to find and antagonize them seperately.
Once youv'e dealt with those two check out the barrels along the edge of the field.  They contain some apples which are there for the taking.  Apples, pears and greens make the best food items in the game, in my opinion, because they're so light.
Now head over to the eastern side of town to find a long row of barracks.  The northernmost of these lets you rest.
Now we'll head over to the home of the GIFTS to begin collecting information for the roach quest, but before you do walk around the mountains just to the north of the Kuper.  Up a narrow passage on the western side is the second Stone Circle in the game.  Praying here results in War Blessing Lv.3.
**Note that each stone circle doesn't contain a certain spell, rather the number of stone circles you've visted results in a certain spell.  In this case, if you visited the Stone Circle in Krizsan Province, this one will teach you War Blessing Lv.3, but if you haven't been to the one in Krizsan, then this one will teach you Curing Lv.3.  Refer to Drakefyre's Demesne, available in the links section for more detailed information on these circles.**