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Hectar, Isle of Bigail

  1. Common Tailor
  2. Common Fletcher
  3. Roaches
  4. Father Oriathon
  5. Room to rest in
  6. Meena can sometimes be found wandering in this town

When first entering Hectar, take note of the row of four buildings on the south edge of town.  The eastern one is a house, and the western one is some destroyed apartments with a few roaches in them.  The two middle buildings are a common tailor and a common fletcher.
The row of buildings along the western edge of town are barracks.  You can rest in the middle one.
The next building to the east from the barracks is the common area for Hectar, and the last building is the Anama temple, which is run by Father Oriathon.  He's the only one of the priests in these towns that doesn't give you the option of agreeing with him, since he seems to be suffering from a small crisis of faith.
Wandering around in this town you can sometimes find Meena, who provides healing, and will also teach you the Pathfinder skill once you've completed a later quest.