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Point Contemplation


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Point Contemplation, Isle of Bigail

  1. Secret Passage
  2. Pilgrim's Cloak in chest
  3. Healing Pool

After thinking about it for a while I decided not to mark the locations of all the roaches on this map.  Assume there's a roaches around every corner and in every room, because chances are there are.
There are really only two things of note here.  The first is a Pilgrim's Cloak in a hidden room.  To reach the hidden room go into the second door leading to the west from the main courtyard.  This will take you into a hallway.  Now go into the first room to the north and check the wall in the northeast corner for a secret passage.  The cloak is in the chest.
The second thing of note here is a healing pool in the far southwest corner.
After you're done here don't forget to head back to Bavner to tell Mother Loomis what you found.