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Hermit's Hut


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Hermit's Hut, Midori Province

  1. Hermit, teaches Ritual of Sanctification
  2. Xian Rock in chest

There are only two things here.  The first is the Hermit who wanders around the hut.  He'll teach you the Ritual of Sanctication as long as you tell him what you're going to use it for...meaning don't try to lie.  The second thing of note is in the chest against the northern wall, right beside the cobwebs.  This chest contains the Xian Rock.  I've recently found out that it not only spawns plain rocks, but once in a while it will give you a Rough Diamond or a piece of Amber.
Now that you have the Ritual of Sanctification it's time to head to the Troglodyte Altar.  Remember that it is located east of Angel's Rest.