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Bolton, Karnold Province

  1. Common Innkeeper
  2. Common Provisioner
  3. Oppenheimer, identifies items
  4. Common Armorsmith
  5. Voster, weaponsmith, also gives quest to deal with some ogres in the area

There isn't really all that much of note in Bolton.  There's a few houses and a storeroom along the southern edge of town, but they're all pretty much empty.
The inn, in the northwest corner of town is run by a common innkeeper, but there's an Anama priest sitting at one of the tables.  Her name is Meiko, but she doesn't sell anything, or give you any information.
Across from the inn is a long building containing two shops.  The southern shop is a common provisioner, and north of that is Vorst's shop.  Vorst sells weapons, and is one of the best places to sell items in the game.  He'll also give you a quest to kill some Ogres who've been attacking farms in the area.  You can find the ogres just east of Bolton, near the watchtower.  Once you've killed them Vorst will give you an Iron Greatsword as your reward.
Across from those two shops are two more shops.  The southern one is Oppenheimer's, who will identify items for you.  North of Oppenheimer is a common armorsmith.