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Gebra, Karnold Province

  1. Boat to/from Storm Port
  2. Kawas, tries to convince you to go back to Storm Port
  3. Attacked by some Mad Monks upon entering

Gebra's inhabitants seems pretty dopey overall.  The only person you can really talk to is Kawas, who's just to the east of the dock.  He'll try to convince you that there's nothing for you in Gebra and that you should return to Storm Port.
East of the boat docks are two buildings with two apartments each.  Three of them have a person inside, and if you talk to them they'll sound brainwashed.
Just a little south of the building with Kawas is an empty storeroom, and south of that is a building surrounded by trees.  If you enter this building you'll be attacked by some Mad Monks.
Other than that there isn't anything in Gebra, so head out of town to the south and explore this chain of islands.  If you've already talked to Foxfire and bought her information and key you'll find the Monastery of Madness in the southeast corner of the island chain.