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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Porter's Retreat


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Porter's Retreat, Karnold Province

  1. Kendrick, sells maps
  2. Jen, an Avernite, tells you about someone who can help you
  3. Elise the innkeeper

There are only a few things of note in the Porter's Retreat, and they're all in the common area of the Inn itself.
Standing to the south of the entryway is a man.  This is Kendrick and he sells maps.  North of the door is Jen, who's an Avernite.  If you press her enough she'll tell you about Sandra, who can be found in Shamirik or Lorelei.
The innkeeper, standing behind the bar is named Elise, and she'll talk to you about the Troglodytes, and that's it for the Porter's Retreat.