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Aminro, Karnold Province

  1. Mayor Najib, gives quest to kill King Vothkaro
  2. Barber the innkeeper
  3. Map to unusual metal is found in this wall as long as you've talked to Zamora in Gidrik

Aminro is a town that is pretty much dead.  There aren't any shops, and there are barely any people at all. 
The long building along the eastern wall is a row of apartments, and the other building is a barracks.
Just west of the barracks is a small cliff.  Walk along the eastern section and if you bought the information off Zamora in Gidrik you should find a map, which is unfortunately mostly smudged due to damp.  The Eagle Rock referred to can be most easily located by looking at a map of Monoroe Province.  The stylized bird drawing in the northwest corner represents Eagle Rock.
On the western side of the town is the inn and an empty shop or some sort.  Talk to the man sitting at the table in the inn.  This is Mayor Najib and he'll give you a quest to kill King Vothkaro of the Troglodytes.  After completing his quest he'll give you an Armor Ring.  Behind the bar is Barber, the innkeeper.  He'll talk to you about the damage the Troglodytes have done, and how everyone has left Aminro.
The series of rooms along the northern wall are ore bins.  If you can disarm the traps enter each room and check the crates for quite a few sacks of gold and silver ore.  Just make sure to close the door first so you don't get caught.