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Welcome to my Avernum 3 Site. It's pretty much done now. I know there's a few things missing, but I've done the best I can to make things as complete as possible. I'm currently working on refining the site, with the help of ef, but the information already contained in this walkthrough is about as good as it's going to get. If you continue to need help, please go to the Spiderweb Forums, which you can access through the links section. Someone there is bound to have the answer to any questions you might have.

Special thanks, first to Jeff Vogel and the rest of the Spiderweb Software team for designing the game in the first place.

Extra special thanks to ef, who's help with the site has been and continues to be invaluable. Half the credit for the site rightly belongs to her.

Thanks should also be extended to Khoth, from the Spiderweb boards, whose help with the maps has been invaluable, whether he knew it or not.

Thanks to Drakefyre from the Spiderweb Forums, whose work has made my job a lot easier, since I don't have to duplicate the information he already has. Please refer to the links section for a quick link to his site.

Finally, many many thanks to the many people on the Spiderweb Forum boards who have provided information, and given me a general idea of what information people are looking for about the game. Too numerous to list, but all of you deserve a place.