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I've decided to alter the layout a little bit. Valorim is now divided into sections, and each section contains the links to the dungenons and towns under the main map and legend. I thought that would make it easier to use than trying to find, say the Fenris Port walkthrough on a long list which would end up being about 50-80 items long. Once I've completed the game I'll be adding a list to this page showing all the towns and the provinces they're located in.

Maps are color coded. Black circles on an outdoor map indicate towns, in a town, they indicate interactive rooms; blue circles indicate friendly people; red circles indicate items; green circles represent secret passages; teal circles indicate shops; purple circles represent exits and entrances,teleporters, boats and horses; orange circles represent special encounters; pink circles indicate battles; brown circles on an outdoor map indicate caches and patches of potion making herbs, in a town they indicate spell locations.