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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Footracer Province


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Footracer Province Map

  1. Manara Ruins
  2. Ice Drakes;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach them
  3. Drakes;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach them
  4. Special message about the end game, pay attention
  5. Patch of Mandrake
  6. Cache with Mandrake and coins
  7. Ovidpur Ruins
  8. Bridges are guarded by Alien Beasts
  9. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  10. Cache with Bolts of Life and coins
  11. Wyvern Pass Ruins
  12. Dellskeep Ruins
  13. Keep of Tinraya
  14. Entrance to/from Under Keep of Tinraya
  15. 3 battles with Roaches, Golems and Alien Beasts
  16. Great Circle
  17. Crumbling Factory
  18. Alien Beasts
  19. Great Walls