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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Northwest Valorim


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Northwest Valorim Map

  1. Cache with Bliss Elixir and coins
  2. Torgas;  Sells potions
  3. Gorgons;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach them
  4. Wainscotting
  5. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  6. Bandit Camp
  7. Empire Deserter;  Sells some useful information
  8. Patch of mixed Toadstools and Graymold
  9. Cache with Invulnerability Elixir and coins
  10. Ice Puddings
  11. Ring of Health
  12. Ice Drakes
  13. Defiled Crypt
  14. Cache with Graymold and coins
  15. Erox
  16. Spine Beasts and Mung Slimes
  17. Lorelei Refugees;  Tell them when you finish the Troglodyte/Giant quest for Reputation
  18. 3 battles with Gremlins;  Get Gremlin Wine after each battle and Freedom Charm after last battle
  19. Patch of Graymold
  20. Attack by Gazers and Eyebeasts after taking Graymold
  21. Cache with Wand of Fire and coins
  22. Drakes
  23. Drake Lord teaches Blademaster for 10 000 coins per level for entire party
  24. Remote Cavern