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Golem Quest


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To begin this walkthrough I'll write a short note on Golems.  There are five types of Golems, each of which are very different than the others.  Green Golems are called Golem of Blades, and are probably the easiest Golems to kill.  They only use physical attacks and are the least resistant to both melee and magical damage.  Blue Golems are called Ice Golems, and they use Ice Lances as their primary attack.  Ice Golems sometimes drop emeralds when killed.  Red Golems are called Fire Golems, and they use Bolt of Fire as their primary attack.  Fire Golems occasionally drop Rubies when killed.  Yellow Golems are called Jeweled Golems, and they use Lightning Spray as their primary attack.  Jeweled Golems sometimes drop Amber when killed.  The last Golems, and in my opinion the most difficult are Demon Golems.  Demon Golems are somewhat like Demons in that they summon creatures, use a variety of powerful magical attacks and are difficult to kill.  Demon Golems sometimes drop Golem Diadems when killed.  Before going to Blackcrag Fortress make sure you have one of these in your inventory.
The first town to visit for this quest is Tevrono, north of Gale.  When you arrive speak to General Baziron and he'll give you the quest to end the Golem plague.  He'll also give you a second quest, and a piece of information about a Mage living in the mountains to the southeast.  Start by visiting Zalifar the Mage, who will give you a quest to speak to a Dalakros the Drake in the mountains to the west who has been attacking him.  Before going to visit Dalakros make sure you have at least 10 items of food in your inventory, as he'll demand them before he'll speak to you. Dalakros will agree to stop attacking Zalifar if you promise him you'll do all you can to end the Golem plague.Once you complete the quest for Zalifar he'll give you some information about where the Golems are coming from, and some Spires that seem to be powering the Factory.  Pay close attention to what he says.  Once you've gathered the information from Zalifar Go into the woods west and north of Tevrono to find two of the four Golem Spires, and into the mountains north of Greendale to find the third.  These should be disabled before you enter the Golem Factory itself.  Once you've disabled the three Spires advance to the Golem Factory, which actually consists of 4 levels plus the fourth Golem Spire. The layout for the Golem Factory walkthrough is a little bit different, but once you've looked at it I'm sure it will make sense. Once you've finished the Golem Factory remember to return to Tevrono and get your reward from General Baziron, and ask him about training again.  He'll now send you to Tenuta in Tevrono for training in the special skill Parry. Also, don't forget to return and speak to Dalakros to tell him you've destroyed the Golems.