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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Isle of Bigail


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Isle of Bigail Map

  1. Port Townsend
  2. Nephil, gives quest to recover stolen charm from Innkeeper in Bavner;  Gives Blessed Bow as reward
  3. Bavner
  4. Drakeskin Boots on body
  5. Wand of Slowing on body;  Taking sword causes you to be attacked by Giant Spiders
  6. GIFTS Home
  7. Battle with Roaches, given as quest by Spider Chief;  Gives you location of Home of the Friendly Roaches as reward
  8. Home of the Friendly Roaches
  9. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  10. Stone Circle teaches War Blessing Lv.3
  11. Kuper
  12. Kneece
  13. Battles with Fire Lizards
  14. Lair of Drakos;  Must have found location in Gale Library first
  15. Cache with Potion-making Herbs and coins;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  16. Vavnor, sells scrolls
  17. Spiral Crypt
  18. Fenris Port
  19. Patch of Toadstools
  20. Friendly Roaches;  DON'T ATTACK THEM
  21. Wandering Anama members, give quest to bring them a Curing Potion
  22. Northpoint Lighthouse
  23. Crash Gremlin Party
  24. Cache with Emerald and coins
  25. Hectar
  26. Patch of Energetic Herbs
  27. Picnic Area
  28. Steel Longsword in muck;  Picking this up causes your party to become diseased
  29. Travelling Salesman travel this road
  30. Shayder
  31. Two battles with Roaches
  32. Filth Factory
  33. Cache with Healing Herbs and coins
  34. Point Contemplation
  35. Cache with Graymold and coins
  36. Battle with Ursagi and Ogres
  37. Southpoint Lighthouse
  38. Use the Orb of Thralni to follow this path exactly or you'll fall in the water and die
  39. Battle with Gremlins
  40. Marish
  41. Empire Rebels;  Eating with them recovers a few spell points
  42. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins