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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Krizsan Province


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Krizsan Province Map

  1. Fort Emergence
  2. Unicorn Grotto
  3. Cache with Healing Herbs and coins
  4. Ambush by Unicorns
  5. Secret Passages
  6. Stone Circle teaches Curing Lv.3
  7. Friendly Farm, sells food
  8. Krizsan
  9. Two battles with Bandits and Slimes
  10. Agate Tower
  11. Silvar
  12. Cache with Wand of Bolts and coins
  13. Energy Elixir caught in bush
  14. Cache with Silver Ring and coins
  15. Worg and Wolves
  16. Wolfrider Goblins who demand either a toll or battle
  17. Colchis Ruins
  18. Two battles with Slimes
  19. Slime Pit
  20. Hill Dweller's Shop, sells potions
  21. Dryad's bathing
  22. Nephil, will give quest to bring a Bar of Iron if you have a Nephil in your party
  23. Wolfrider's Warren
  24. Goblin Mine, can only be reached through Wolfrider's Warren
  25. Bulson, sells recipes for Hasting Potion and Hasting Elixir
  26. Cache with Shield Ring and coins
  27. Cache with Spiritual Herbs and coins, need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  28. Battle with Unicorns; Get Spiritual Herbs after battle
  29. Ambush by Troglodytes who demand either a toll or battle
  30. Troglodyte Village, very hard fight for beginning level characters;  Get War Charm and Steel Greatsword after battle
  31. Hermit's Hut, beginning of quest, must travel from here to point 32 and back four times to complete quest
  32. Second Hermit's Hut
  33. Travelling Salesmen wander this road
  34. Inn of Blades
  35. Metal Lumps for Arion's Quest
  36. Ford across river
  37. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  38. Guhkbar's Pit
  39. Two battles with Asps and Serpents
  40. Delan
  41. Help out Empire soldiers
  42. Delis
  43. Hermit's Hut, gives you Disease and/or Dread Curse if you bother him
  44. Pergies
  45. Metal-selling Mine
  46. Battle with Giant Lizards
  47. Patch of Healing Herbs
  48. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins, need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  49. Cache with Graymold and coins
  50. Cache with Magic Lockpicks and coins
  51. Bronze Greatsword on body
  52. Battle with Fire Lizards and Giant Lizards
  53. Battle with Fire Lizards, Giant Lizards and a Drake;  Receive Fire Orb Charm and Health Charm after battle
  54. Refugees, talk to them after compleing Slime Quest
  55. Dryad, gives quest to bring her something beautiful (Perfect Flower);  Gives location of Dryad's Blessed Charm as reward
  56. Ernest's Hut
  57. Fords out to islands
  58. Serendipity Knife on Crumbling Altar
  59. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  60. Battle with Vengeful Shades and Specters, need Orb of Thralni to reach it;  Receive Pirate's Blade after battle
  61. Iron and Silver Bars from shipwreck
  62. Help out Nephil;  Receive Energy Potion after battle
  63. Cache with Mandrake and coins
  64. Farport