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Rache's Avernum 3 Site
Karnold Province


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Karnold Province Map

  1. Bolton
  2. Ogres
  3. Drake
  4. Secret Passage
  5. Drake Lord, gives quest to help him fight some Drakes;  Gives Icy Chainmail as reward.  Killing Drake Lord gives you some Steel Plate Mail
  6. Ferry across the river
  7. Cache with Healing Herbs and coins
  8. Ogres guarding Xian Skull
  9. Nephil Hunters;  DON'T KILL THEM
  10. Nephil Village being attacked, help them out
  11. Nephil Herb-seller
  12. Nephil Weaponsmith
  13. Ambush by Goblins and Ursagi
  14. Secret Passage
  15. Drake Cave
  16. Tinker travels around Golddale
  17. Golddale
  18. Golddale Mines
  19. Battle with Fire Lizards and Giant Lizards followed by battle with Mutant Lizards;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  20. Nimble Gloves on body;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  21. Cache of silver ore in cliff;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  22. Mine you can loot if you haven't completed the Golddale Mines quest
  23. Ambush by Ursagi and Goblins
  24. Cache with Healing Herbs and coins
  25. Lair of the Ursagi
  26. Back exit from Lair of Ursagi
  27. Secret Passage
  28. Cache with Spiritual Herbs and coins
  29. Battles with Gremlins
  30. Perfect Flower for Dryad in Krizsan Province
  31. Libras
  32. Ferry to Libras
  33. Lost Isle
  34. Ferries between islands
  35. Battles with Basilisks
  36. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  37. Stone Circle containing an Ur-Basilisk and Basilisks;  Get Gauntlets of Might after battle
  38. Patch of Mandrake
  39. Dryad's Grove
  40. Lost Isle Ferry
  41. Gorst
  42. Storm Port
  43. Gebra
  44. Fords between islands
  45. Cache with Spiritual Herbs and coins
  46. Ferries between islands
  47. Ambushes by Mad Monks
  48. Monastery of Madness;  Must have learned the location from Foxfire first
  49. Ambush by Mad Monks and Inflitrator after leaving Monastery of Madness
  50. Ford across river
  51. Secret Passage
  52. Stone Circle teaches Move Mountains Lv.3 and adds 1 point to Dexterity
  53. Shield Ring on body
  54. Fords between islands;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach islands
  55. Cache with Energetic Herbs and coins
  56. Gerompel, sells only mandrake
  57. Tomb of Vahkos
  58. Squiggus
  59. Lennus
  60. Cache with Mandrake and coins
  61. Entering these woods will cause you to have to make your way through the forest while being attacked by Gremlins and Gorgons
  62. Ford across river
  63. Patch of Toadstools
  64. Cache with Mandrake and coins
  65. Porter's Retreat
  66. Gidrik
  67. Cache with Divine Host Scroll and coins
  68. Secret Passage;  Must use Orb of Thralni to reach it
  69. Rough Diamond
  70. Farmhouse sells greens
  71. Shamirik
  72. Freedom Charm in Crumbling Stone Circle;  Need Orb of Thralni to reach it
  73. Cache with Blessed Bolts and coins
  74. Aminro
  75. Travelling Salesman travels the road between Aminro and Angel's Rest
  76. Cache with Graymold and coins
  77. Angel's Rest
  78. Troglodyte Altar
  79. Troglodyte Castle
  80. Secret Passages
  81. Ambush by Troglodytes
  82. Ford across River
  83. Cache with Toadstools and coins
  84. Secret Passage
  85. Stone Circle containing Gorgon and Mutant Lizards;  Receive Knowledge Charm after battle
  86. Concealed Tunnel;  Must have map from Lower Giant's Caverns first